Wednesday, April 19, 2006
♠ 9:35 pm
click here!
its REALLY cool.

Monday, April 17, 2006
♠ 9:12 pm

loads of the stuff there is friendlocked, by the way.

i might migrate over, dont know lah.
but i'll still blog here and there.

Saturday, April 15, 2006
♠ 9:39 pm
had youth.
went for dinner!
ate subway. (i feel sad for the one cookie that wasnt :()

then THE VERY NICE grace treated us to desert!
so we were happily eating our ice jelly cocktail.
freezing our fingers and asses off.
and hugging ourselves.

so when we finally finished, we choinged to the toilet.
aaaaand the lady in front of us opened door..

we were horrified to find a man washing his hands inside!
this cheeko ahpek.
lady closes door and drops jaw.

so three of us, xinghui unknown auntie and me, stood outside the toilet laughing our asses off, waiting for the cheeko to exit before we went in.

after a rather long time the cheeko walks out unabashedly and tries to tell us that they didnt say it was the ladies.
when the bright pink sign said: ladies.

even if you cant read english, you can see that one toilet is pink and the other is blue.
and there arent urinals in the ladies, instead you have nice blue bins.
and the cheeko had the cheek to wash his hands happily.

worse part, when we finally stepped in.
this person walked out of the toilet cubicle.
pause, think hard whether its another guy.
so we just laughed and laughed because we were wondering what the hell happened to the ladies in united square.

Friday, April 14, 2006
♠ 10:26 pm
i was super happy yesterday, thursday being the last school day of the week and all,
me and jiahui were super high during training.

we took turns scaring amanda by hugging her legs out of the blue
organised butt-hopping competitions (my ass hurts)
and laughed for no apparent reason in training

i kept giggling during newaza,
its been so bloody long since the last 4-day week.

and we had an hiv talk! by some doctor.
one thing i brought back:
everything starts with CHOU NAN REN! (smellly men)
see, they get too many wives, pass it on.
they screw around, pass it to wives.
they find spread to hookers, hookers spread to more men, more wives and children suffer.
see, it all starts with them.
the makings of a feminist!

today! is friday.

pretty fun! haha we ran around singapore in (super hot) black shirts.
my group had me yvonne xinsheng helen sam matthew matthew's cousin john seechong

i felt really stupid at the expo part cause nobody realised that EXPOse your senses actually meant it was at expo. gosh, we nearly went changi! then technology (and yvonne's phone) told us that it was expo! :D
and they changed the popiah price! so we ran back and forth to prove that the popiah was the right price. :X

haha. and then we went raffles area and ran some more.
did you know that the black stamford raffles statue there has alot of stupid mosquitos?
betcha didnt.
and i thought nanyang was the only infested place.

do you where old daddy sands is?
HA. betcha dont. :D

it started pouring. phooey.
mr ronald macdonald missed out a visit from us! :D
but, we got back safely, phew.
and waited for the rest of the groups.
and got presents! (one of them was toilet paper shaped :X)
and took squeezy group photo. ( i'm not scared of xinyun! haha)

then we went upstairs to practise piano, cos xh and jamie are playing tmr.
so we were loitering there, until pretty late.
then my genius stroke of inspiration told me to go take a walk.
so when me and zihui went downstaits we found the thing locked!?

WE WERE TRAPPED in church!
haha. zihui panicked and rattled the metal bars and shouted for help!
(like prisoner!)
luckily, xinyun and company were STILL in church.
super heng.
then dunno who realised that if you turn on the lift you can take the lift down!
hahaha. so i had to turn on the lift (luckily dont need key) and take everybody down.

so malu! why do malu things always happen to us huh! haha.
first the p6/S3 camp thing, then this thing.
anyway, it triggered off a whole string of events.
and we went to kfc to talk more cock.

and i went for icky chinese tuition.
wenshi and pat didnt go! pangsei me. :(
i kept falling asleep.
so the teacher kept calling me.
and i kept maluing myself! :(

but as i sit here well-fed and watered, i feel pretty happy! XD

i need to go run tomorrow morning!
lets hope i have the willpower to wake up before eleven.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
♠ 8:47 pm
AHHH! i watched my sassy girl.

it is:


ahhh. it just makes you wanna fall in love and bury time capsules!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006
♠ 10:04 pm
osim = oh shit its monday!

but the monday wasnt that bad, considering the week has only 4 school days! cheered me up quite a bit.

as i type, half the school week is almost over! :D
cheers you up quite a bit too eh.

which reminds me of what happened on saturday.

after training, me, giggly koh and drama moo went for lunch.
and we decided to go to ntuc to walk.
alas! we saw Mrs Toh, darned dean of something.

slippers, shorts and pe teeshirt --> not good.
spent 5 minutes avoiding her,
walking past the fruit section sideways while she chose her mushrooms.

giggled around.
saw haagen daz sample counter!

no auntie there! hell.
genius gigglykoh steals sample in plastic container.
me and drama moo act as roadblocks looking at cereal.

yay! walk up and down the aisle eating melon flavoured ice cream.
tasted like honey dew.

spots saralee cheesecake!
nicee. happy people buy cheesecake.
more giggles.
spots ntuc auntie.
"OMG, is she the ice-cream one?!"

hysterical laughter.
auntie shoots us evil glare.
three idiots
carry cheesecake to cashier, laughing.


mrs toh gives us weird look.
the i-really-dont-want-to-know-what-you're-doing one.

good lor.
imagine if it was shiryln tieh.

we die.

proceed to outside of ntuc.
sit unglamly on the floor eating cheesecake.
laugh at mrs toh and her balding husband exiting ntuc.

cisco van drives by and parks.
gigglykoh: WE'RE GOING TO JAIL! x50
in loud wailing giggly voice.

i swear i dont know her anymore.

we look at box in horror.
cheesecake serves 4-5 people.
and we finished it!

i love after-trainings :D


anywayy, had combined lecture today.
the entire front row kept laughing at jt.
i was sleeping at the back.
darn, missed the action.

rabuka is an idiot, i swear.
i wish he didnt storm into the stupid place and overthrow the government.
now we have to do a sucky project on him.

i dont want to go for piano lesson tomorrow.
i dont like the worms along the way.
all fuzzy and humongous and have a liking for ny school uniform.

i'm not exactly super excited about good friday,
but it sure beats a lousy school day.

and i love end of the weeks.
maybe thursday will be happier!
but i'm normally so drained by the power day at school that i totally collaspe during training.
and perform like shit.
and get the whole off-form blues.

but still! thursday IS the end of the week.

Thursday, April 06, 2006
♠ 9:08 pm
"I have always been standing in your doorway. Isn't it about time somebody saved your life?"

i quote, and i love the quote.
it kinda reminds me of all the nice nice quotes that make you go all fuzzy and warm
(no matter how cliched it is)

today was pretty sucky.
but i think javelin's pretty fun, though the stick just refuses to get stuck sometimes, and it does somersaults occasionally! :D
then after PE, we had math, then chinese compo, LA, biology and physics.

LA was the only remotely interesting one.
but i swear, JT's the only teacher that can possibly make a lesson on gay in s'pore boring.

instead of focusing on the content of the article, he bloody started analysing the writing style!
started asking the meaning of flamboyant, drag queen..
so englishy, just that nobody was interested.
except for the cao ah gua part! :D

i kinda miss pt's teaching style.
he crapped alot more,
and it was less dry, less anal.
and he's AMUSING(ly sick.)
but a more fun and less uptight classroom.


theres something wrong with the dojo weighing scale.
i havent hit the big five-zero.

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